Read these genuine comments from real clients!

Over 90% of our business is from repeat clients or clients referred to us by existing clients.

A Wise Decision

I have made some wise business decisions in my time, but none are as wise as hiring Pandu and Zen Finance for my property portfolio restructure. He secured such great rates and structure we have not had to touch it for five years and counting. I am proud to call Pandu a friend as well as my “magic touch” when it comes to property financing.

Vikram M.

Help At Every Step

I didn’t know anything about home buying. Pandu related to me his experiences like a trusted mentor. He helped us get into our first home and secure a very good loan. We are very happy with his service and recommend him highly.

Vikram F.
First Home Buyer

Retiree Restructure

I had retired and was sitting on a sizeable property portfolio. I talked to Zen Finance to see if they could help with restructuring things and maybe even making some sales for profit. Pandu told us “no problem.” He absolutely delivered above and beyond expectations. I was thrilled and delighted with Pandu’s service – I recommend everyone I know uses him!

Francine V.
Property Investor

Kept His Hair!

I was tearing my hair out because my property investments were not performing as they should. Pandu swept in and fixed everything – refinancing at lower repayments and through different sources of income. Thanks Pandu! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Tito N.
Property Investor

Risk Management

I know investment is risky but I knew that not doing anything would be more risk. Pandu helped me invest in a property after explaining everything and holding my hand at every step. I was so excited at the outcome when it all finished. Thanks!

Subbu C.
Property Investor

Long-Term Growth

I was referred to Pandu from a friend and he restructured my loans so I could buy another investment property. He has set me and my family up for wealth long-term, I am very happy and fortunate for finding Pandu.

Property Investor

Business Success

I was looking to leverage my equity to invest in a business. Pandu helped me do this twice in as many years and now my business is thriving. Thank you Pandu.

Remon A.

Eight Years of Success

I have been dealing with Pandu Zen Finance for over eight years now. We’ve seen ten successful property deals go through together, with refinance, purchases, re-structures, and transfers. There is nothing too challenging for Pandu, he can always get a great deal guaranteed.

Murugan S.
Property Investor

Property First

When most of my friends were taking trips or buying cars, I was always saving up for a property. That was my number one focus in life. I wanted to make doubly sure the house and loan was the best I could get. He helped me with an off-the-plan purchase and gave me incredible advice on dealing with the developer. We still keep in touch and I will be using Pandu for refinancing and investment properties in the future.

Michelle D.
First Home Buyer

Expanding Business

When I talked to Pandu and Zen Finance I thought I was asking too much. I wanted to open two new locations to catch pent-up demand from post-COVID. He said not to worry, I will take care of it. He did, with great results. The best property finance expert in Melbourne!

Michael A.
Business Owner

Pandu Delivers

I have much experience in property investing for many decades. Loans were not effective enough so I went to consult with Zen Finance. Pandu restructured loans to lower repayments and increase cash flow. He also assists with sales and sub-divisions of properties. It was a great success thanks to Pandu!

Morris N.
Property Investor

Great Finance Solutions

Pandu is a hard worker when it comes to securing great finance for my property ventures, but it’s not what he knows, it’s who he knows. He helped me find golden contacts in legal and private finance that have assisted growing my business leaps and bounds. Pandu is a real asset if you are a property developer.

Tamara O.
Property Developer

I can’t thank Pandu enough for his help! Here I was, a property developer who thought she knew what she was doing. I’ve bought distressed properties, sub-divisions, and funded constructions. Pandu was INCREDIBLE! He’s my go-to guy for lending solutions and finding private development finance. When the banks are still getting out of bed, Pandu is three steps ahead. There’s no-one he doesn’t know! I can’t imagine doing business without Pandu now!

Emily R.
Property Developer

No More Nerves

I had anxiety approaching a property specialist due to my situation. I have a property portfolio and complex trust structure. Though it was very challenging, Pandu saw a way through and exceeded my expectations. We still keep in touch to discuss things, which is rare indeed.

Tushar B.

HENRY to Wealth

As HENRY (High Income Earner, Not Rich Yet) I knew that to grow my wealth effectively I needed to have a property. My business and personal expenses were not separated and messy, but Pandu helped me restructure my finances and get a profitable outcome from a business lender. I am well on my way up the property ladder thanks to Pandu.

Darshan B.
Wealth seeker

Achieving the Dream

We wanted the Australian dream to come true for our family and Zen Finance was very recommended from friends. We were nervous at first, but Pandu made it very easy for us to understand everything at each step. We are so happy with our home and the deal he got for us. We are grateful for Pandu and his advice!

Aishwarya & Vinay
First home buyers

No Rush, Great Result

We didn’t want to rush into investing. We had a nest egg saved and were considering our options. We contacted Zen Finance to see what they could do for us and we were floored when Pandu explained every detail of property investing to us. He answered every question we had, no matter how obvious it seemed to him. After about half a year we were ready to pull the trigger. He secured a deal for us that has increased our income, and we still talk every once in a while, five years on! If you want the best, trust Pandu.

Gary & Anne B.
Retail Investors

Making it easy for me

I have extensive experience in property development and investing which means a lot of moving parts in every transaction. Buying, re-financing, construction, etc. Pandu made it all simple for me. By thinking strategically in ways, I hadn’t even considered, my property investments are working harder for me than ever before. Recommended.

Kon L.
Property Investor

No matter too complex for Pandu

I was looking for a city apartment and buying off the plan. I didn’t know my front from my back when it came to contracts and legal issues. Pandu set me straight and handled everything for me. Stamp duty, first home buyer grants, loans – Pandu did it all without a fuss. Thanks again, Pandu!

R. Gonnet

Professional and the best

Pandu helped me refinance and restructure loans after a divorce and he handled everything with professionalism and good humour. I am planning another purchase and will definitely use Pandu and his services again.

Paul K.

Structured to succeed

I’ve been in the property market for several years and I came to Pandu and Zen Finance to add to my portfolio. I was astounded that he restructured my holdings and organised lower rates for everything that beat the banks even today! Pandu isn’t just a whiz at property finance, I’m proud to call him a trusted friend, too!

Jean F.